Intensive Review for the Emergency Medicine Qualifying Examination (Intensive Review Book & CD Rom)


Naderi ; McGraw-Hill

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A COMPLETE review package for the Emergency Medicine qualifying exam -- based on the popular Manhattan Review Course

Based on the acclaimed Manhattan Review Course and drawing on valuable insights from top New York City emergency departments, this review has everything you need to pass the Emergency Medicine written boards on your very first try. Here, you'll, get a concise walk-through of key emergency medicine topics, board-format Q&A, and a full-color image review with cases on CD -- all designed to give you a solid idea of what to expect on exam day.

Intensive Review for the Emergency Medicine Qualifying Examination features a succinct outline format, yet it leaves nothing out, covering the full range of emergency medicine specialties. It all adds up to the ultimate board study companion -- one that can help you recall information pertinent to the practice of emergency medicine and approach the exam with confidence.


*Concise yet comprehensive outline-format review of all areas in the American Board of Emergency Medicine core curriculum, packed with insights emergency physicians and residents must know to succeed on the boards
*CD-ROM containing more than 250 board-style questions, answers, and rationales to simulate the actual exame
*250+ board-style questions and answers
More than 250 high-yield clinical images, including a section in full color
*Practical approach to emergency medicine exam preparation that refreshes your knowledge, instead of re-teaching what you already know
*Based on the respected Manhattan Review Course, and written by experts from New York City emergency departments

Table of contents:
1. Intensive Review of Pediatric Emergencies, Ethan S. Wiener, Joshua A. Rocker, Diana Tran Vo, and Francesco Mule
2. Orthopedic Emergencies, Moira Davenport, Brian Cameron, and Maria Vasilyadis
3. Intensive Review of Trauma, Eric Legome and Paul Testa
4. Toxicologic Emergencies, Robert S. Hoffman
5. Cardiac Emergencies, Robert Hessler and Taku Taira
6. Pulmonology and Critical Care, Gino Farina and Mityanand Ramnarine
7. Environmental Emergencies, Susi Vassallo and Dimitrios Papanagnou
8. Gynecologic and Obstetric Emergencies, Christopher McStay and Kevin Tao
9. Urologic and Renal Emergencies, William Chiang and Jasper Schmidt
10. Ophthalmologic Emergencies, Ugo A. Ezenkwele and Benjamin Kavinoky
11. Dental, Ear, Nose, and Throat Emergencies, Behdad Jamshahi and Anand Swaminathan
12. Neurologic Emergencies, Carl A. Mealie and Mohamed A. Peera
13. Endocrine and Metabolic Emergencies, Gary Mazer, Nicole Kriss, and Leo Pritsiolas
14. Gastrointestinal Emergencies, Gar Chan and Wayne Ramcharitar
15. Infectious Emergencies, Howard A. Greller
16. Emergency Procedures, Gino Farina and Kyle Vanstone
17. Dermatologic Emergencies, Listy Thomas and Barbara Barnett
18. Immunology and Rheumatology, Brad J. Kaufman and Tushar Kapoor
19. Hematology and Oncology, Michael Cassara and Kevin Munjal
20. Psychiatric Emergencies, Howard A. Greller
21. Prehospital Care, Dario Gonzalez and Kinjal Sethuramen
22. Emergency Ultrasound, Jacob K. Goertz
23. High Yield Word Association, Andrew Webber and Deven Unadkat
24. Visual Simulation, Adam J. Rosh, Corey Long, Michael Cassara, Aaron Dora-Laskey, and David T. Schwartz