Oxorn-Foote Human Labor & Birth








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The go-to guide to childbirth―completely revised and updated with new chapters

Highly acclaimed for its authoritative coverage of obstetric care and concise, easy-to-read format, Oxorn-Foote Human Labor & Birth is an essential resource for anyone performing or assisting in childbirth. Written for the real world of clinical practice, the popular guide expertly examines all mechanisms of labor and delivery. Updated and revised, this seventh edition offers proven best practices and step-by-step guidance to obstetric procedures, techniques, and patient management.

Oxorn-Foote Human Labor & Birth opens with a valuable review of clinical anatomy, followed by a thorough examination of the three stages of labor, with a focus on proper management and birthing techniques. The authors provide specific guidance on the full spectrum of complications and delivery situations, including Cesarean section, breech presentation, transverse lie, umbilical cord issues, dystocia, and more. Critical concerns such as preterm labor, antepartum hemorrhage, maternal and fetal complications, intrapartum infections, and post-term pregnancy are also addressed. No other book presents so much vital information in such a clearly illustrated manner.


  • New! Patient Safety and Quality Assurance chapter with guidance on incorporating quality improvement into an obstetrics program
  • New! Medical Education chapter with a summary of adult learning theory and advice on providing individual and interprofessional team training
  • Full-color design with hundreds of original images clearly illustrating the techniques described
  • Key points are bulleted throughout to facilitate quick and easy retrieval of information