Principles of Critical Care








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Quick Overview

The book on purpose, is not encyclopedic unlike most of the standard Western texts on critical care. It is directed to the practice of critical care as observed and practised in our country and other tropical developing countries. However, it also deals with critical care problems common to both, the East and West. The critical care of important fulminant infections in the tropics has been revised, emphasized, and will unquestionably prove very useful to intensivists practising in tropical countries such as India, Africa and parts of South East Asia.

Key Features

  • The present edition, just like the previous editions, is based on the author’s extensive experience on this subject for over 50 years.
  • This is the only book on critical care medicine that has a full section devoted to the imaging of various problems pertaining to critical illnesses.
  • Every chapter has been thoroughly revised.
  • Two new chapters added on Disaster Management including the COVID-19 pandemic, and Principles, Philosophy, and Ethics of Critical Care.
  • Contribution from renowned experts in their chosen fields.
  • The text has been illustrated by new excellent images.