Talking Points on Deprescribing in Hospice Care





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Deprescribing practice in hospice medicine has expanded exponentially in recent years. This book systematically addresses the groups of extremely useful medications to manage chronic disease conditions and prevent complications. It highlights the positive intervention of reducing polypharmacy, improving a terminally ill patient's quality of life, providing individual patient context and helping clinicians in deprescribing. It discusses good ethics, patient wishes and side effect protocols to discontinue no longer relevant medications, thus improving decision-making with the goal of enhancing the patient's quality of life during the time when it is needed the most.

Key Features:

  • Empowers the patient, their families, and the providers to have an open discussion about well-informed decision-making.
  • Equips the hospice and palliative care clinicians to comfortably explain the rationale and the discontinuation process of the unessential medications.
  • Highlights the most important facts in bullets along with a unique feature of providing ready-to-go conversational phrases.