RSSDI Atlas of Diabetic Foot








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Quick Overview

This book provides us with exhaustive and extensive information about the various aspects of diabetic foot. We have fourteen unique and distinct chapters with a special emphasis on Diabetic Foot Infections in India enlightening us about the epidemiology, risk factors, pathogenesis, and preventive strategies to identify high-risk patients and also prevent dreadful complications like amputations. Special attention has been given to a wonderful and distinct initiative—“Save the Feet and Keep Walking Campaign,” which was launched by the RSSDI to train healthcare professionals and create more awareness among the people to prevent and manage diabetic foot infections in India. A separate chapter emphasizes the significance of a Three-minute Foot Examination, which is simple, less time-consuming yet effective in the identification of high-risk patients to prioritize them and treat them accordingly. We have some lucid and concise chapters enlightening us about the ominous association between Peripheral Artery Disease and Diabetic Foot Infections and the role of orthotics, wound dressings, and imaging in the integrated management of foot infections. We have incorporated some of our invaluable experiences on the basic concept of angiosomes and surgical approach of foot infections which are both considered indispensable for every diabetic foot care specialist. The uniqueness of this book lies in our best efforts to include high-resolution clinical photographs of the common diabetic foot problems encountered with a short narrative that can help the readers to learn, understand, and enhance their existing knowledge about diabetic foot.

Key Features

  • Covers the various aspects regarding the management of diabetic foot.
  • High-resolution colored photographs are included to justify the title.
  • Contributed by many physicians who are stalwarts in their field.
  • These photographs have been contributed as a part of Save the Feet and Keep Walking Campaign 2022.
  • Includes concise and lucid text for better understanding of each photograph.
  • Serves as a ready reckoner in most clinical situations.