Making Sense of Sleep Medicine: A Hands-On Guide





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2023 / 1

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This is a practical and patient-complaint focused handbook, directed to motivate non-sleep experts and beginners in sleep medicine and technology. This book provides a basic review of the area of sleep, identifies some common patient presentations and illustrates the types of investigations that should be requested. With sleep and breathing problems being so common and affecting many other chronic clinical conditions, it is important that primary care and other general physicians as well as allied health practitioners have a greater appreciation of this area. This text is a valuable “go-to” handbook for the occasional “sleep” practitioner to refer to.

Key Features:
• Contains specially packaged with Specific Learning Objectives to each chapter followed by self-assessment questions, case scenarios, basic sleep monitoring techniques in detail with sample reports.
• Provides direction to health care professionals who encounter patients with sleep and breathing disorders in their practice.
• Uses algorithms and concept maps for dealing with specific symptoms.