ABC of One to Seven

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出版年代/版次 2010/ 5

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The ABC of One to Seven is a practical guide to the management of common physical and emotional problems of early childhood. New chapters include the prevention and management of obesity, behavioural and emotional problems, ADHD, autism, the child with fever, and changes in access to medical and social services.
Including the latest NICE guidelines and advice on when to refer and how to manage the problem afterwards, each chapter provides relevant websites and resources for health workers.

The ABC of One to Seven and the companion book, ABC of the First Year, have become standard guides for general practitioners, trainee doctors, medical students, midwives, nurses and health visitors. They are indispensible reference books for family doctor surgeries, emergency and outpatient departments, wards and libraries.

1 Talking to Children.
2 The Terrible 2s.
3 Sleep Problems.
4 Respiratory Tract Infections.
5 Tonsillitis and Otitis Media.
6 Stridor.
7 Asthma.
8 Acute Abdominal Pain.
9 Recurrent Abdominal Pain.
10 Vomiting and Acute Diarrhoea.
11 Chronic Diarrhoea.
12 Urinary Tract Infection.
13 Enuresis.
14 Systolic Murmurs.
15 Growth Failure.
16 Prevention and Management of Obesity.
17 Common Rashes.
18 Infectious Diseases.
19 Paediatric Dermatology.
20 Febrile Convulsions.
21 Epilepsy.
22 Recurrent Headache.
23 Poisoning.
24 Accidents.
25 Severely Ill Children.
26 Basic Life Support in The Community.
27 The Child with Fever.
28 Behaviour Problems.
29 Children with Special Needs.
30 School Failure.
31 Minor Orthopaedic Problems.
32 Limp.
33 Services for Children: Primary Care.
34 Services for Children: The Community.
35 Services for Children: Outpatient Clinics and Day-Care.
36 Services for Children: Emergency Department, Ambulatory and Inpatients.
37 Audit in Primary Care Paediatrics.
38 Child Abuse.
39 Services for Children: Children's Social Care.
40 Useful Information.