Musculoskeletal Examination





Pandey/ Jaypee



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The book has enumerated the steps of clinical examination very well and thoroughly discussed the basis of each step of the examination in detail. Not only has the theoretical background been well covered, but the entire examination process has also been demonstrated with excellent illustrations. Each chapter is loaded with relevant knowledge and facts, and hence will be very useful not only to the students but also to surgeons at all levels and the teachers. Key Features An overview of the entire orthopedic examination in a simple, structured, and pictorial format. The first chapter deals with basic format, tips, and know-how of orthopedic examination. The rest of the book covers examining acutely injured limbs, chronic bone and joint disorders, all the major joints, spine, nerve injury, brachial plexus, cerebral palsy, gait, amputation, tumors, and swelling-scars-sinus and ulcers. Every clinical test is described in a standard fashion with rationale along with self-explanatory pictures. Examination of each region/system has been provided with a proforma for easy recapitulation and ends with a brief explanation of several common conditions. Two new chapters added on examination of brachial plexus and a child with cerebral palsy. Videos of standard clinical tests are uploaded on DIGINERVE platform for easy understanding.