Person-Centred Care in Radiography: Skills for Providing Effective Patient Care





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A helpful guide to patient and person-centered care in radiography, with a particular focus on interpersonal and communication skills

Person-centred Care in Radiography: Skills for Providing Effective Patient Care explores the complex interpersonal skills that are required of practitioners and medical imaging professionals which ensure high-quality service is given to person-centred care in radiography. The textbook is also written by a team of expert authors, and grounded in the team’s own research, as well as their involvement with the Heads of Radiography Group, the Association of Radiography Educators, the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care, and the College of Radiographers.

The textbook contains a broad range of additional learning features, including case studies, student exercises, annotated further readings, and chapter summaries. Diagrams and illustrations are used throughout the book to provide visual representation of the concepts presented. Learning activities are also included throughout the book to encourage readers to self-discover and reflect and then apply their learning to their own role.

Person-centred Care in Radiography includes detailed information on and discussion of:

  • Values, developing resilience, defining compassion, pain and suffering, and professional behaviors and culture
  • Scenarios developed by service users based on real-life practice, to demonstrate the impact of the professional’s behavior on the care received
  • Diversity of service users, the role of carers, conceptual frameworks, interpersonal communication skills and communicating with patients beyond introductions
  • Values-based practice, compassionate practice, theoretical models for patient-centered care in radiography and reflections to help readers move forward

Targeted at all staff working within diagnostic and therapeutic radiography clinical departments and educational institutions, Person-centred Care in Radiography, can be used in both radiography education by students and educators and by qualified staff who wish to reflect on their own patient care and develop their skills.