Principles of Clinical Genetics








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Quick Overview

The second edition of the Principles of Clinical Genetics is fully rewritten, revised, and updated edition to fulfill the requirement of students and teachers as per the latest Competency-Based Undergraduate Curriculum for Indian Medical Graduate. As clinical genetics is rapidly advancing, the recent developments in the field are updated in this book.

Key Features

  • Based on the latest Competency-Based Undergraduate Curriculum (CBME).
  • Includes clinical case scenario and their solutions.
  • Simple and concise text and flowcharts for rapid revision.
  • NEXT and Viva markings for preparation of various upcoming examinations.
  • Interesting facts and boxes to focus on important topics.
  • Special Topics to cover recent advances: Prenatal diagnosis, karyotype images, gene therapy, stem cell therapy, genetic counseling, DNA fingerprinting, and recent techniques in genetic diagnostics.
  • Assignments to practice important topics.
  • Recent advances covered.
  • Free! Chart on High-Yielding Facts.