Impacted Third Molars





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Impacted Third Molars, Second Edition, provides dentists with all the information they need to confidently remove impacted third molars, from case selection and imaging to sedation and patient management. Step-by-step surgical procedures support dentists in the successful surgical removal of third molars. The second edition has been updated throughout with new information and advances, and seven new chapters cover local anesthesia, imaging, patient management, platelet rich fibrin, case studies, and mobile third molar practices.

The book includes all the information dentists need to efficiently, profitably, and safely remove impacted third molars. Photographs and illustrations depict the concepts described, and a companion website offers video clips. Impacted Third Molars:

  • Gives dentists all the information they need to consider mobile third molar practice, which provides more freedom, less stress, less overhead, and more profitability
  • Helps dentists stop referring third molars and remove them early in the teen years before roots develop
  • Features the author’s seven-step procedure for removing impacted third molars
  • Includes a chapter describing the author’s mobile third molar practice, with a procedure manual
  • Offers procedural videos on a companion website

Impacted Third Molars, Second Edition is an essential reference for general dentists and specialists alike.