Lecture Notes: Endocrinology and Diabetes





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Balancing depth and accessibility, Endocrinology and Diabetes: Lecture Notes, 2nd Edition, provides medical students and junior doctors with the key information needed to understand mechanisms of endocrine conditions. This popular revision guide covers endocrine anatomy and physiology, scientific background, clinical presentations, diagnosis and management of various endocrine disorders. Clear and concise chapters focus on conditions commonly encountered in both clinical practice and assessments.

Now in full colour, the second edition has been updated with further figures that demonstrate features of endocrine conditions.

  • Features enhanced and expanded coverage of all major topics within diabetes and endocrinology
  • Reflects the current knowledge base, evidence, and best practices in the field
  • Provides easy access to the scientific background, presentation, diagnosis, and management of each condition
  • Offers up-to-date information for those preparing for MRCP or endocrinology specialty exams
  • Includes boxed sections in every chapter highlighting key points to aid revision and recall

Endocrinology and Diabetes: Lecture Notes, 2nd Edition, remains a must-have for medical students, specialist nurses, junior doctors, and trainees working on endocrinology rotations or preparing for the Specialty Certificate Examination in Endocrinology.

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