ERCP Color Illustration





Kyo-Sang Yoo/Koonja



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重量:1.06kg  頁數:205  裝訂:精裝 開數:28.2x21.6cm 印刷:彩色

▶ Easy understanding the complex anatomical structures and physiological functions of the pancreatobiliary tract
▶ Easy getting a solid grasp of the basic and complex techniques of the pancreatobiliary endoscopy
▶ Possible by depicting realistic endoscopic, ERCP and EUS photos, and also by adding schematic diagrams from a professional perspective
Performing endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) needs comprehensive understanding of complex anatomical structures of pancreatobiliary system along with various techniques of ERCP.

For this reason, illustrations can be much more informative than written material, especially for teaching and learning purposes.

All the contents in this new edition have been updated by thoroughly reviewing every minute details from the previous edition with the intent to provide the readers with the most current and pertinent information on ERCP.

In addition to updating the previous edition, new contents and chapters have been added. In Part 5 of this 2nd edition, new illustrations on several rescue procedures of ERCP, i.e. PTBD, PTCS, gallbladder drainage and recently popular procedure like EUS-guided bile duct drainage, have been included. Part 6 is a new chapter that illustrates ERCP accessories. Tables on accessories that are currently commercially available will help the readers better understand their specifications and characteristic features.