*Voice Disorders


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The Most Comprehensive Educational Print and Online Resource on Voice Disorders for SLPs!

With Voice Disorders, Third Edition, authors Christine Sapienza, PhD and Bari Hoffman Ruddy, PhD have created a comprehensive package for learning. The textbook has been extensively updated with clinical information and the book now comes with a robust online companion website including the full study workbook, videos, audio files, and case studies.

The textbook and website offer an ideal balance of voice science with voice treatments, examining traditional interventions as well as recent advances in cellular therapies, muscle strength training, and treatments for special populations such as singers and actors and those with complex medical conditions. The Third Edition expands the approaches to voice therapy and better defines clinical decision making with information about humanistic communication strategies, adherence, and the variables that influence patient outcomes. The authors have categorized therapy approaches in terms of type, such as symptomatic, combined modality, and hygienic. For each approach, they describe specific treatment methods, case examples, and expected outcomes.


  • Two new chapters on the topics of the Immune System and the Laryngeal Reflexes
  • Reorganized for a greater flow of information and reader response to content, with revisions to every chapter.
  • Current research and demographic statistics updated for voice uses with updated references, weblinks, and glossary.
  • A thoroughly updated chapter on Voice Therapy techniques, expanded to include description of therapy approaches and instructions to use with the patient, and more detail on humanistic communication, cultural diversity, and adherence.
  • Additional patient case examples throughout the Vocal Pathology and Voice Therapy chapters.
  • The Performers chapter is enhanced with detailed cases and strategies to promote singers health, along with sample exercises to try when treating injured singing voices.
  • Updated information regarding head and neck cancer statistics, clinical pathways and treatment outcomes, with comprehensive case studies included.


The textbook now includes access to a PluralPlus companion website that includes a workbook, exercises, study questions, video examples, laryngeal pathology with audio samples, lecture slides, and an image bank.

*NOTE:* This book comes with supplementary content on a PluralPlus companion website. If you purchase or rent a used copy of the printed book, the code to access the website printed inside the book may have been previously redeemed/used or be incorrect and you will not be able to use it. To guarantee access to the website, it is recommended you purchase a new copy of this book directly from Amazon or the publisher, Plural Publishing.