ENT Emergencies








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Quick Overview

ENT Emergencies is a precise and compact source to guide the young budding ENT surgeons to deal with ENT emergencies. It is written in a very lucid language so that resident doctors can grasp it in less time. This book will definitely help the ENT surgeons who deal with emergencies for proper management of the patients. The Authors have put their best in making this book coherent and comprehensible.

Key Features

  • This edition includes updated information on all important ENT emergencies—how to diagnose, necessary investigations required and proper management thereafter.
  • This book shall act as guiding light in framing management protocol with the help of well-labeled flowcharts, given in various chapters.
  • Extensive data on newer emergencies like COVID-associated mucormycosis, have been included in this edition.
  • This book has been written in easy language for quick understanding by all readers, especially young ENT surgeons.