Hospital Acquired Infections: Power Strategies for Clinical Practice

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ISBN/ 9781905740550
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出版年代/版次 2007/ 1

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Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) pose a significant health problem to patients, practitioners, workers and health services as a whole. The number of deaths caused by HAIs is on the increase in many countries around the world, and hospitals are struggling to maintain sufficiently high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, which would reduce the constant threat of HAIs. On average, worldwide, studies have revealed an average of 9% of hospitalised patients have HAI. The authors of this book, an ICU specialist and a microbiologist, provide the latest information and guidance on infection control and prevention to those working at all levels of the healthcare system, including hospital, community health centres, nursing homes, clinics and laboratories. They discuss the current circumstances: the causes of HAIs, the means for their prevention, control and monitoring and they suggest clinical practice guidelines that will be helpful for all levels of healthcare staff. This book will be an invaluable asset and resource for anyone involved in health care, but especially for hospital, clinic and health care managers and management teams. Contents: 1. Introduction to HAI 2. Clinician as a Manager 3. Road Maps and Directions 4. Aspects of Planning and Organization 5. Understanding Quality and Its Measurement 6. HAI and Continuous Quality Improvement Implementation 7. Performance Management, Standards, Compliance 8. Safety and Risk Management 9. Epidemiological Concerns in HAI 10. The Concept of Barriers and Personal Protective Equipment 11. Environment Management and Engineering Controls 12. Surveillance and Monitoring 13. Epidemics and Outbreaks 14. Standard Operating Procedures 15. Disinfection and Sterilization 16. Hospital Waste Management 17. Microbial Pathogens 18. Clinical Practice Guidelines 19. Prescribing Practices and Antibiotic Policy 20. Blood Transfusion, Solid Organ Transplantation and Implants 21. Occupational Hazards and Hiera

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