Diabetes and Dermatology








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Quick Overview

Skin-related problems in diabetic patients are plenty such as necrobiosis, xerosis, nonhealing ulcers, and many more termed as diabetic dermopathy. Implications of skin changes are lying in diagnosis as well as management of the disease. Unfortunately, they are not summarized in book from worldwide. This book is a proper reference book on this matter and hope to encompass all aspects such as pathogenesis, all types of lesions, and their management in detail.

Key Features

  • The book provides a fair idea about dermatological manifestations of diabetes.
  • Includes hair, nail changes, aging changes along with skin manifestations.
  • Learning objectives of the chapters are given at the beginning with figures.
  • Key points at the end to make it easy to comprehend.
  • Provides high quality clinical photographs for the diseases mentioned.
  • It will help to understand the topic to medical students, general physicians, and specialized physicians who deal with diabetes and budding dermatologists.