NMS: Psychiatry


Thornhill / LWW

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Part of the National Medical Series (NMS), this book provides a quick review of clinical Psychiatry with USMLE-style (vignette) questions for self-study and assessment.  Features include 500 USMLE-style questions in vignette format, a comprehensive exam, and a convenient outline format.

This updated edition will include the latest medications, treatment protocols, evidence-based practice guidelines, and revised diagnostic criteria using DSM-IV-TR.  New to this edition will be an expanded focus on geriatric psychiatry and emergency psychiatry, as well as traumatic brain injury.

--NEW: Features expanded coverage of elder abuse and traumatic brain injury, as well as a new chapter on geriatric psychiatry
--NEW: Incorporates the latest medications, treatment protocols, evidence-based practice guidelines, and diagnostic criteria using DSM-IV-TR
--Delivers nearly 500 USMLE-style review questions, including a comprehensive exam on thePoint and chapter-ending questions and answers in the text

Table of ContentsContents Contributors Preface Acknowledgments 1 The Clinical Examination James H. Scully and Joshua T. Thornhill IV I. Overview II. Psychiatric Examination III. Classification of Mental Disorders IV. Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders 2 Psychotic Disorders Robert Breen I. Introduction II. Epidemiology III. Etiology IV. Characteristic Features V. Course VI. Differential Diagnosis VII. Treatment 3 Mood Disorders Meera NARASIMHAN I. Introduction II. Etiology III. Diagnosis/Differential Diagnosis IV. Treatment 4 Anxiety Disorders JEFFREY D. RAYNOR I. Overview II. Psychological Components of Anxiety III. Differential Diagnosis IV. Treatment 5 Cognitive and Mental Disorders Due to General Medical Conditions Kimberly Rudd and robert breen I. Introduction II. Cognitive Disorders III. Mental Disorders Due to General Medical Conditions IV. General Medical Conditions That Cause Mental Disturbances 6 Substance-Related Disorders ANGELA D. HARPER I. Introduction II. Intoxication Syndromes III. Substance Withdrawal IV. Principles of Treatment of Substance-Related Disorders V. Alcoholism VI. Opioids VII. Tranquilizers and Sleeping Pills VIII. Cocaine IX. Cannabis 7 Personality Disorders Robert Breen and Joshua thornhill I. Introduction II. Clusters of Personality Disorders III. Specific Cluster A Personality Disorders IV. Specific Cluster B Personality Disorders V. Specific Cluster C Personality Disorders VI. Personality Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) 8 Somatoform and Associated Disorders