Operative Surgery for Head and Neck Tumors





Thakur / CRC



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This book emphasizes on clinical, radiological and laboratory assessment of operative surgery in common head and neck surgical procedures. It provides a systematic and rational operative approach to management in day-to-day practice. A photographic style is used, wherein high-quality photographs provide visual details to reveal each step of the procedure. This photographic content of each surgical step on patient or cadaver makes this book a valuable resource for surgical residents, fellows, junior consultants, and general surgeons who manage head and neck cases and would learn to deftly perform the procedures.

Key Features
• Incorporates a unique photographic style enumerating the step-by-step surgical procedures.
• Provides a crisp and to the point approach towards common head and neck surgical management, helpful for surgery residents and trainees.
• Fills a significant gap for a text that adequately describes the wide variety of procedures performed by head and neck surgeons.