Bedside Clinics in Surgery








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Quick Overview

All the chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated with latest information and guidelines. The format is “resident-and student-friendly” starting with basics of how to approach a patient, how to record the history and of course, details of performing physical examination. The language has been kept simple with plenty of illustrations and color photographs. In each section, the explanation of related physiological alterations and surgical anatomy is very useful for student. The description of basic steps and principles of surgical repair adds to the value of the book for trainee surgeons.

Key Features

What is New in the Fourth Edition

  • A new long case discussion on portal hypertension due to cirrhosis of liver is included.
  • Two new short cases discussion are added-phyllodes tumor of breast and lingual thyroid.
  • In operative section steps of mesh repair of paraumbilical hernia has been added.
  • Most of the chapters are updated based on current guidelines for management.
  • TNM classification for all types of cancer has been updated with AJCC 8th edition.


  • Practically almost all the sections have been revised.
  • Special emphasis is given on elicitation of different physical signs.
  • All long cases and short cases important for undergraduate and postgraduate examination are included.
  • All surgical problems- emergency and non-emergency-are discussed with important X-ray plates.
  • Surgical anatomy section is profusely illustrated with hand drawn illustrations, and it correlates the anatomy portion with short and long cases.
  • Operating section contains steps of important operations which are easily understandable for MBBS and PG students.
  • All short and long cases are discussed with lots of color photographs and schematic diagrams maintaining the correlation with pathology and anatomy.